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Shooting Scars - Karina Halle I want to say that this series is bigger than its love triangle, or that this is Ellie's book through and through, but when you have such a strong and impressively depicted cast of complex characters it's hard to just have one person shine. It's the overall concoction - the socially relevant plot and the grittiness of it, the gray areas of morality, the demystification of ugly truths, and the complicated erm.. everything!

This installment was definitely action-packed, although I wouldn't say that it was eventful. The entire book was a non-stop chase - Javier and Ellie going after Travis, and Camden and Gus trailing them to rescue Ellie. The dual POV narration helped me understand Camden a lot better, because initially I couldn't connect this determined and ballsy badass from the Camden I knew from S&N. I liked him then, but what I felt had more to do with sympathy than character attraction or admiration. And while I enjoyed reading about his and Gus' highly dangerous and action-filled scenes (Coffeemate, anyone?), I can't deny that I looked forward to getting to Ellie and Javier's scenes more. And it's not because I am unreasonably smitten with that hot Mexican. Okay, fine, it's mainly because of that. But it's also because Ellie's thoughts and struggles are utterly gripping. I mean, what would YOU do? Here's a guy you were once in love with, and you fell for him knowing what he does for a living. You have history, albeit an unresolved one, and he's offering you a life with him again. Knowing that your present love is rebuilding his life with his family, and that you basically have no way out of this shithole, would you just do what is necessary to survive, or would you give in, make the most out of it and accept the life that the universe seems to be shoving at you anyway?
"I opened you up to the life you were born to live. You came from... you only knew this growing up. It is in your blood just as it is in my blood. We lead the lives we were meant to, lives that are exciting and dangerous and full of power. We are strong. We are so alike, so very alike, that sometimes I wish you had told me back then who you really were."

It's a desperate situation, one that I really wouldn't know what to do if I found myself in Ellie's shoes. And I don't believe that the pull towards Javier entirely has to do with Camden not being available. Power is a hypnotic thing. It's funny. Every time I get to Javier and Ellie's scenes it always made me think of the saying "like calls to like." When I looked up that quote to remind me where I read it I couldn't stop laughing because it turned out to be from another book I loved, coincidentally, one where I rooted for the villain unabashedly.

There is not one character whose intent and action I didn't question. For one thing I can't help but wonder if Javier is only in love with the idea of Ellie. I don't know if he'll ever put her above his need for vengeance or his empire, or if he can fulfill Ellie's longing for normalcy and a home. But I honestly don't know if Camden can provide stability either. If things didn't go south with Sophia, would Camden have gone after Ellie? Or if Gus didn't talk some sense into him would he have walked away so easily? I'm not saying that fucked up people don't have a chance to have healthy, functional relationships but I just don't understand the depth of their crazies sometimes!

This was a sexy, thrilling, and mindfucking follow up. I'm very satisfied with the emotional drama but I really need a resolution soon. Thank goodness Bold Tricks is out next month because the twisted needs to be untwisted. Now.


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