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Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Well! I quite enjoyed that *smirk*

Quickie review for a not-so-quickie read.

I haven't read a lot of wolf erotica but it seems like I should just turn to these instead of seeking alpha males in contemporary romance because they've been making my eyes roll quite a lot lately. The story doesn't seem original to me. Female is caught in a rut. Male has the solution to get her out. They fake a union to accomplish whatever, and they fall in love in the process. The end.

However, I picked this up because I needed something to get me out of my book depression after having cried my eyes out from the last three books I read. I just wanted something light and smutty. Well, this book served its purpose. Again, the story wasn't anything I haven't read before. The plot twist was predictable and even the characters weren't, uhhh... true to character. Taryn and Greta's fights grew old after some time and I didn't feel any real threat or angst for Taryn and Trey. The editing flubs were also hard to ignore. I can't say that I didn't wince every time Taryn called Trey Flinstone, and she called him that A LOT. So yeah, that's a big fat F for street cred there. Oh, and did I mention that it was long? I could have done without the extra hundred pages.

But despite all that, I still really enjoyed this. Because when Trey "scents" Taryn, it's normal shifter behaviour. It does NOT make my eye roll. It's mindlessly entertaining, just how it's supposed to be. And it's hella SEXY! Whew! Thankfully, I got the unedited version, because while the act in question did seem out of character, that was just a really fun scene to read about. Yes, I'm a perv like that.

Taryn and Trey are alright, but you know who were my favourites? Dante, Dominic and Tao! This might be due to my preference for "the other guy" and the beta males, but I thought those three had a lot more to bring to the table than their leader. That's just me though. Plus, Taryn might have her witty comebacks but Dominic's cheesy lines do it for me for me every, single time. The dude needs a bro-code manual or a blog like Barney Stinson's. Seriously.

So if you're looking for a light, sexy romp, this one might just be for you. Bring out the fan. You'll need it.