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Untitled (Rock Chick, #8) - Kristen Ashley
I've never hidden the fact that the Rock Chick series was my least favourite out of all the KA series I've read. I get that readers enjoy it for the fun and sexy romp, but oftentimes I'd find myself poorly tolerating certain heroines' decisions and the ridiculousness of some situations. Despite my issues, however, I've grown to love the family that KA created in this series and want all of the characters, main and secondary, to have their happy endings. Rock Chick Revolution satisfied me in that regard, but as for the main storyline, it just didn't grip me enough.

Now, I don't need a strong plot to enjoy a book, because I've loved many that are relationship or character-driven. In my opinion, Rock Chick Revolution started out strong, what with the complicated relationship that Ren and Ally had. To my relief, there wasn't the usual, unnecessarily long chase denial courtship that transpires between the ladies and the Hot Bunch. Okay, it was long, but at least we don't witness it through pages and pages of going back and forth. Ally was a stubborn but decisive woman, and after she got over her initial issues with Ren, that was that. Mostly.

My lack of 5-star-lovin' has to do with the shift of this story from being about Ren and Ally to being mostly about Ally. Like I said, I love character-driven stories, but only if I love the character. And sadly, Ally doesn't do it for me. Maybe it's because I've witnessed enough of her silly shenanigans throughout the past seven books to form an invariable opinion of her. Maybe I just didn't find her newly found vocation interesting enough. Or maybe I'm just too jealous of the fact that she snagged the most perfect guy ever. Yeah. I think that's it. After all, eight books later, I'm still hung up over Lee and Indy. *cries*

But that's just me. If you've loved the Rock Chick series through and through I've no doubt you'll love this one as well. It still has the hilarity and the steaminess found in the previous installments. The multiple appearances of past characters alone are enough to make you smile like an idiot from the first page to the last. And gawd, the dreamy Ren Zano is like no other. He is perfection!!! I would give 5 stars for his character alone. Next to Lee, he's definitely my favourite among the HB. Aside from the above, you'd also love the subplot going on with Darius, and the family dynamics between the Nightingale siblings. They're moving and heart-wrenching, true to KA-style.

I did find some parts slow, but the lure of a fantastic epilogue kept me going. Thankfully, it did deliver. It truly was a bittersweet ending, but I think I'm ready to grow up, move on and call this series quits.

As long as some characters here make cameos in KA's other series.