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Succubus on Top - Richelle Mead 3.5 stars

I won't lie. The beginning of the book brought back memories of a certain movie...


But let's not make this all about Georgie and Seth. Doug's been acting weird lately and Georgie's old friend, Bastien, is in town for a special mission requiring her assistance.

Ugh. Who am I kidding. I don't want to talk about Doug and Bastien. I caught on to their problems way before Georgie figured it out. What I really, really want to talk about is my problem with how the whole thing with Georgie and Bastien was glossed over. I feel that Seth has been so lenient with her, and inasmuch as I love him, I hate that he was so darn good and understanding! I wanted fury! Jealousy! Relationship drama! I don't hate Georgie for what she did but I can't help but feel that she got away with it.

Favourite parts:
1. The flashbacks. I love nostalgia, and I connected to Georgie more in her past life. I love the scenes with Seth and Georgie, I really do, but the memory of Letha and Kyriakos gave me goosebumps and heart flutters.

2. The scenes with the gang. Gawd I love Jerome and Carter.

3. Georgie's present. *blush*

4. Painting with the Mortensens.

Up until this book I thought the series was a little too chick-lit for my reading mood but towards the end I finally saw the angst building up. I"m probably just saying this because I missed Roman but I liked this a little less than the first book. But I'm definitely hooked, evident in my unplanned reading of Succubus Dreams. Can I just finish the series and do a series review instead?