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Wrong Ways Down (Downside Ghosts, #1.5) - Stacia Kane
I started this novella expecting to fangirl the entire time. After all, it's Terrible's book, yo. And I did squee and swoon a lot, but my heart also felt like it was being ripped to shreds again. I cried, I ached, and I smiled.

Similar to Chess and her Church cases, this book took us behind the scenes to one of Terrible's assignments. One of Bump’s dealers was brutally murdered and a prostitute was attacked, and it’s up to Terrible to find out who’s behind all these and deliver the proper punishment.

There are no fade-to-black scenes when we see Terrible in action. It made me wince at times because the visuals that Ms. Kane’s writing provides are so vivid and clear you can almost hear bones cracking. And now I know why Terrible doesn’t want Chess to see him when he’s doing his job. It’s not pretty. Then again, nothing in Downside is.

This book continues the gloomy, dark feel of the series. Faithful to the Downside world, Terrible's POV was done entirely in Downspeech. How brilliant is that? Not only did he manage to sound incredible male (finding Chessie's grooming bag "cute"), he also sounded well... like himself. Bump is still Bump, still speaking in third person, and still providing comic relief when I need it the most.
"You fuckin' out with she all the fuckin time, yay, buzzin around she like a fuckin fly with a hard-on, so why he ain't would fuckin assume on it?"

I thought I’d get some reprieve from Chessie’s self-loathing by taking a break from her POV but Terrible’s thoughts were just as sad and heartbreaking, if not more. If Chess found her escape through drugs, then Terrible found it by beating people up. Fighting is second nature to him, and it’s important that we saw how this wasn’t just a job to him. It’s who he is and what he does to fight the memories that continue to torture him every so often. We got a glimpse of his past and got to know him better (notebook? He could be a detective or PI in an alternate universe! Oh, and he makes sandwiches.) We also got to see when he realized his feelings for Chess and what went on his mind every time he was with her or thought of her. I wanted nothing more than to take this book and physically show Chess my highlighted passages to show what Terrible thought of her so she could ease on the self-deprecating thoughts already!
Iffen he'd been asked two months past he'd have said she may have been the prettiest dame he'd ever met but she seemed like one of the bitchiest too. But turned out she weren't a bitch at all. She was fucking amazing, and iffen he could spend all his time with her he would.

And seriously, if I thought that I couldn’t love Terrible even more then I was so, so wrong. He just further proved to me how he’s become one of my favourite fictional male characters ever! I don’t know how Stacia Kane did it, but somehow, somewhere along my reading adventure, she’s made this unattractive, seemingly emotionless thug into a multi-layered, swoony anti-hero who gives me the heart flutters all the time. I care for him so much, I just want him to be happy and to succeed, you know? And he has to know – I think the world of him. (So does Chess.)

I think I’m gonna go reread [b:Home|13484974|Home (Downside Ghosts, #3.6)|Stacia Kane|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1329243338s/13484974.jpg|19020414] to make myself feel better now...




OMG!!! SK just announced the release date and it's... *drumroll* AUGUST 6th!!! That's 3 freakin' weeks from today! I am sooooo excited! ❤❤❤