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This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas image

Welp, my feelings for this book can't be better explained than that.

I have overlooked the first-person-present-tense POV, the numerous spelling, grammar and typo flubs. I've forgiven Jesse for his four-day fuckfest (appropriately coined by Diana). I have ignored Ava's annoying ways since the moment she stepped foot in The Manor.



Because when I read a series, I expect improvement in the character development department. Ava's winning moment in BTM was, unfortunately, short-lived. She has reverted back to her childish, petulant ways and I am just sick of her immaturity. Yes, she may have redeemed herself towards the end but it was too late for me because I've given up on trying to like her.

Issue #1: Running away at the first sight of trouble.
God, Ava! You married the guy! For better or for worst, right? So why run and act like an innocent victim the moment he confessed to taking your pills? So you're pregnant. What, it was an immaculate conception? I don't recall you putting your foot down about using protection nor did you abstain. It takes two to make a baby, you idiot.

Issue #2: Immaturity I can ignore, but irresponsible behaviour I can't. I don't understand the need to be sulky and argumentative when Jesse was only trying to take care of her. Fine, she may have gotten drunk only because she was going to have an abortion anyway, but even when she decided to keep it, she hasn't made any effort to take care of herself AND her baby. Uhh, first step. Why not go to the doctor? Jesse had to rely on a pregnancy manual and get tips from Carol regarding nausea-control. She was so stubborn and selfish that she'd even risk eating food that may cause harm to her pregnancy. Granted, I haven't been in that position yet so I don't know what's safe and what isn't but neither did she. Yet, she chose to be ignorant and have her own way anyway.

Issue #3: The games. That club scene in particular. Jesse was at fault too, although he did say that he thought he wasn't gonna have her back anyway. But stooping to low levels by kissing another guy to get a rise from Jesse was just, UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!

So bottom line is, Ava's a whiny, selfish cow who just wants constant, wild sex from Jesse.

The plot development wasn't any better. There were too many bomb-drops done too late in the story. For one, Mikael buying the company to win Ava had no effect on me whatsoever. Stalker behaviour can only go so far. Two, Ruth makes a lame protagonist. She's obviously mental, but apart from that last scene in Lusso I didn't feel the danger vibes from her at all. Lastly, the presence of Jesse's family was just WEIRD. Like, one moment they're made to be the bad guys in our eyes and next they're all up on Jesse's case and calling Sarah a vindicative bitch. Whoa, Jesse's mom! I did appreciate that other angle we got about Sarah though. I hated her with a passion and no sorry story can excuse her past behaviour, but now I sorta understand her, and I'm glad that there's some good underneath all that evil.


I would've totally hurled this book against the wall had I not remembered how I feel about Jesse. Yes, he also had his moments of immaturity in this installment and I hate how he constantly lied to Ava about so many things but I instantly forget my grievances every time I remember that HE'S JESSE, you know? That man who dances to JT, who snowboards and rides expensive bikes, who turns mushy and builds Ava shrines, who gifts Rolexes and Range Rovers, who scoffs at riding public transport and flying commercial. I know it's kinda double standard but I'll forgive that man for just about anything. If it wasn't for the cuteness of Clive and Carol, Ava's spiderman blowjob, the few heart-tugging scenes, and that awesome epilogue I probably wouldn't have liked this book as much. Maybe it's also because I read this too soon after another series ender, and that one was just amazing. Still, if you've loved This Man and This Man Confessed, don't miss out on reading this. After all, it's Jesse, and that's reason enough.