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Come Alive - Karina Halle WARNING! SPOILERS FOR BOOKS #1-6 AHEAD!


- June 24 edit -

So I was in the middle of an awesome book yesterday when I saw that Come Alive finally went live on Amazon. I told myself I'd finish my current book first but I couldn't resist but sneak a peek. And I told myself, "Just one chapter! ONE CHAPTER!" Do you think I succeeded? When the first line of a book you've been anticipating for months goes like this --> "So fucking horny", how can you not drop everything else?

Come Alive takes place shortly after the Sasquatch disaster during Dex and Perry's llama expedition in the snowy mountains of Canada. They were interrogated by the Mounties (Canadians really ARE friendly, I swear!) due to Mitch's fatal "accident" and their footage was confiscated for evidence. With no show to produce, their jobs are on the line and their show is in danger of being axed. Fortunately, Jimmy offers them one last chance to shoot an episode and get sponsorship but this comes with deal-breaking condition: Maximus gets to tag along and direct orders during the entire thing.

However, Maximus is the least of their concerns right now. They're basically starting over, and Dex is determined not to mess things up. And while Perry still has her apprehensions, she agrees to move in with Dex while she figures things out. Which now brings us to my favourite moments in the book. This is the first time we're seeing them together without any girlfriend baggage and animosity between them. Can I just say that they're the cutest couple ever?! You'd think that after all the near-death encounters they've been through together and all the sex they've been having they'd have this closeness that supercedes any feelings of awkwardness. But nope. They're nervous and cautious and fumbly around each other. (Yeah, I know. That's not a word.) But they're also sweet, eternally protective of each other and just plain awesome. I think I speak on behalf EiT shippers when I say that Chapter 4 will go down in history as one of THE BEST scenes in the entire series. Take that, Jenn-bitch!

But of course, it's not always butterflies and orgasms between Derry. This book had me giddy and squealing with delight one moment then mad and throwing a tantrum the next. Who here saw red the moment Ambrosia was introduced? *raise hand* While I'm all about the sexy Dexy love, Perry, is, first and foremost, my baby (yes, I have these motherly feelings of protectiveness toward that girl) and I certainly had those moments (62% onwards, in particular) when I wanted to pluck Dex's facial hair one by one, follicle by follicle. I know he was under a spell when he openly disrespected Perry those times but honestly! Serves him right to be Muhammad Ali-fied!

It was also a relief to finally have some light shed on Maximus. Even though I now understand his reasons for doing what he did I still don't forgive him for being the douchecanoe that he was in ODW. But after knowing what his deal was with Rose and going rogue I guess he's off my shit list (for now).

And while it was fun and entertaining to be in Dex's head in this installment I can't wait to go back to Perry in book #8! I seriously missed her voice while reading this. One thing I wished that could've happened was for Perry to have rescued Dex all on her own and then commenced with a mega smackdown/catfight with Ambrosia. Wouldn't that have been epic? I know there's a queen-of-badass lurking underneath all those insecurities. I'm super stoked for Rebecca to get more "screen time" in the next book. I also hope that Perry's able to mend things with her parental units soon because I am missing little fifteen as well!

This has been an exciting rollercoaster ride and I can't wait to get on it again (and revisit Seattle, for that matter. That place needs to be my next U.S. destination!) I was worried that the sparks between Dex and Perry would fade now that the sexual tension is finally, and repeatedly, relieved but I didn't need to be because, forget sizzles, they were in flames! Definitely a 10 on the hotness scale! I have no worries that their chemistry will wane in the future. Karina knows how to keep the romance exciting! Mechanic analogy? *eyebrow waggle* And the ending! Gah!

I'm running out of positive adjectives to express my love for this book so I'll cap this review now with the song that Dex successfully planted in our head for the next little while.


- Second edit June 24 -

In my excitement about Dex and Perry's personal lives I completely forgot to comment on the horror factor, which is, of course, central to the plot. ItH was so-so for me but we are definitely back in creepy central this time. That scene where Dex shuts his eyes for a second and finds his mom inches from his face as soon as he opens them again. Eeeeeeeeeek! As timing would have it my phone also beeped at the same time I read that so I literally jumped from fright then. Whew! Loved those bone-tingling moments though!


- June 22 -

So I am spending almost seventy bucks for Come Alive - $4 for the actual book and $60 for a new PS3 game I got for the beau (which i hauled my ass to 3 stores to find because it was sold out EVERYWHERE) so he'd leave me alone with sexy Dexy for the next couple of days. He eyed the bribe gifts suspiciously and told me, "you know I'm going rowing tomorrow, right? You can go ahead and read. I'm keeping the game though." 0_o