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Beauty from Surrender (Beauty, #2) - Georgia Cates Thank God that's over.


I did not see the point of this book. If Ms. Cates wanted to give Jack and Laurelyn their HEA I think an epilogue would've sufficed. My main problem with this book is that THE MAIN PROBLEM was resolved so early in the story that it just went downhill from there. And don't even argue that the main conflict in this book was Jack vs. Laurelyn's career. It wasn't. Ever since Beauty From Pain, everything just felt convenient here. Addison moving to Australia so Laurelyn takes over her audition and automatically blows everyone's minds away, Addison moving to Australia, Laurelyn's mom doing a complete 180 and showing up at the wedding after being so vocally against the whole thing, Laurelyn leaving the band without any problems. Everyone was so easily agreeable and accepting that it didn't seem believable.

I guess what stopped me from completely hating this book was the fact Jack and Laurelyn never did anything extremely stupid to anger me. They didn't do anything that wowed me either, which is sad, because I really loved them in the first book. I just wished that Ms. Cates was able to take this further in terms of plot and character development because honestly, this was weak and mediocre.