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Strings - Kendall Grey Hmm... I just read about the whole Kendall Grey fiasco. I do see where the backlash against her is coming from. It wasn't fair to make a generalized conclusion about how book selling works and how readers think. While I thought that some reactions to her blog post discussed important points I can't help but feel that others are just trying to provoke her to react back and say something which can again be used against her. I am all for expressing thoughts about something you feel strongly about but I don't see the need to further ridicule (especially her recent charity donation, damage control effort or not) and taunt when the woman has already fallen down. Not everyone can successfully communicate their thoughts and feelings the way they want them to come across. This is where, I think, Ms. Grey failed.

She clearly won't win. I just think that she needs to be given a little break. *shrug*