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Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward 4.90*!!!

No lengthy review from me right now because I don't have my notes and highlights in front of me but I will certainly gush about this book.

Zsadist!!! Omigod! What a tortured soul! Prior to jumping onboard the BDB bandwagon I've already heard a lot about him and right from the moment when he was introduced in [b:Dark Lover|42899|Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)|J.R. Ward|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1309209351s/42899.jpg|2158128] I was plenty intrigued. He seems to be most readers' favourite Brother among the lot and I can see why. We gravitate toward the broken and find them beautiful. We want to be the one that heals them. We want to be the bright light in their dark lives! And as expected, I fell head over heels in love with Zsadist.

What I didn't expect was how heartbreaking his story would be. I didn't expect that the story was equally about Z and Phury as much as it was about Z and Bella. I was so frustrated with Z's self-loathing and poor self-esteem that I wanted to hurl my e-reader against the wall numerous times. Enough with the self-sacrificing 'tude and you-can-do-better-than-me mentality already, you idiot! Gawd, I wanted to hug him and reassure him of Bella's love throughout the whole book. I was seriously bawling my eyes out at the library scene towards the end.

What else did I love? Phury's love for Z. I've heard of survivors feeling guilt, and Phury wasn't exempted. He made it his life's mission to find his twin and give him back the life that was stolen from him. And though he believed that Z was beyond repair I was touched that he would still do anything for his brother. So much feels!

And whoa! That ending? I did NOT see that coming. I wonder how THAT will play out.

I'll attempt to write an actual review someday instead of this gushfest. But in case you're wondering why I didn't give it a raving 5*, it's because I can't fully get into the Ward's writing style of constantly changing POV's. I don't mind getting into the minds of 2, 3, maybe 4 characters but I keep losing count in every book. I think that's also the reason why I was annoyed with the Lessers. I never felt that they were sinister or dangerous enough, because their POVs show their weaknesses. Mystery is part of the danger and because we got behind the scenes with them I never fully felt that they were a threat to the Brothers. I don't know if this pattern (multiple POVs) continue in the next books and I can't say that I won't give up and tread through. Really, it's not the actual story itself but the writing style that I'm finding challenging. I'm still hoping that the series gets better and more exciting though. I want to know what happens to Rehvenge, John and the other Brothers!