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On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5) - Karina Halle I glanced at my "favourites" shelf earlier and noticed that most of the books I absolutely loved dealt with some form of loss. And more often than not, those books had characters going through a tough heartbreak, thus acting all emo, weepy, douchey, all of the above, or just emotionally numb. It's no surprise now why I loved [b:On Demon Wings|13442031|On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1331704748s/13442031.jpg|18949847] as much as I did. I've been suffering along with Perry since [b:Lying Season|13061289|Lying Season (Experiment in Terror, #4)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1323754445s/13061289.jpg|18226704]. And while reading that book hurt, like dagger stabbing hurt, this one felt like the daggers were pulled out and I was left to bleed out.

Okay, that was a bit melodramatic. But seriously. I cried for Perry. This was, by far, my most emotional read in the EIT series to date but I loved every chapter, every word. I didn't even mind that Dex didn't appear until the final quarter of the book because honestly, I felt his presence even when he wasn't there. Every moment in Perry's head filled me with "Dex." They also obviously needed time to be apart and sort their heads out and while Perry is the obvious victim, I was equally heartbroken for Dex. No winners there when both lost something. What I loved about [a:Karina Halle|4785031|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1333997846p2/4785031.jpg]'s writing here was that she didn't overplay the crying and the hating. Nope. No time for that. Perry's got a ghost to deal with. Being broken apparently doesn't excuse her from being the target of the bad guys.

We get a lot of Perry's family in this book. Her parents are harder on her now more than ever but thankfully, her sister Ada steps up to the plate and becomes the one person Perry relies on to help her deal. We also meet our old friend, Maximus, once again. He's recently moved to Portland, and Perry welcomes him as a distraction. And she needs that distraction. I can't even begin to list how much she's going through. She's scared and she has never felt more alone.

"You know when you're at that point when you're crying too much and everything is too much and your body just...shuts down? I'm shutting down"

One scene which I thought was done so brilliantly was the exorcism. I was so engrossed throughout the whole thing and despite how creepy it all was, it was also very emotional. Every word uttered by Perry, or the non-Perry in this case, was meant to torment but you could also make ou the hurt and the suffering. I was just WOWED by it, and this is coming from the wuss who doesn't even like the horror genre.

Overall, I found [b:On Demon Wings|13442031|On Demon Wings (Experiment in Terror, #5)|Karina Halle|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1331704748s/13442031.jpg|18949847] to be a fantastic read. Having caught up with the series (finally!) this is probably my favourite in terms of how the story was told and how it was written.