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Beneath This Man (This Man, #2) - Jodi Ellen Malpas Holy crap! That was an AMAZING, AMAZING sequel to This Man. What could have possibly happened in his past that made him not know how to behave like a normal person right now? WHAT? WHAAAAT???

I must say, Ava grew on me in this book. The character development was done so well. I am glad that she got over her initial feelings of mortification over Jesse's business and accepted him for who he is. I can't begin to imagine how hard it must be to face all the women from Jesse's past and come to terms with his former lifestyle. She was so patient with him and kept her cool around Sarah and them bitches at the party when I was flying off the handle already. And man! That scene in Chapter 31? Ava's got balls! Stupid balls maybe, but I understood why she did what she did.

I was content on giving this book a 4* at the most until we got to Chapter 30. HOLY CRAP! The last 15% percent of the book put me in such emotional turmoil that in that span of time I cried, I got so mad, I cheered, I cried again (happy tears) and I squealed from delight.

I have so many favourite scenes from this book, not all of them happy.

1. When Jesse and Ava were in their bedroom and Jesse told her that he knew she was the one the second he laid his eyes on her.

"How did you know?"

"Because my heart satrted beating again," he whispers.

2. When Ava forbade Jesse to go to the spare room because she didn't want him to see the black, lace dress she chose to wear for the party and she ran to the door to block him and he said in response, "Are we getting married?" My heart about leaped from my chest at that jab. And then when they took a bath together after, Ava asked him if he knew the effect he has on women and he said,

"Is it similar to the one you have on me?

Do they stop breathing for a few seconds every time they see me?

Do they want to keep me in a glass box so nothing and no one can hurt me?

Do they think their life would be over if I wasn't here?"

3. THAT intense scene in Chapter 30 where Ava wanted to prove her point about understanding him. Holy sh*t I didn't see that coming. At first I was like, why Jesse, WHY? And then when she went to do what she did I just completely lost my sh*t. By the time Jesse found her and was sobbing at what she did I was sobbing along with him. Oh, and that part when he carried her out of The Manor with her back exposed and Steve tried to talk to Jesse and he shouted "She's MINE!" Gawd, I felt the pain, anger and remorse!

4. The proposal fuck. While I was already swooning after he had asked her I was in absolute fits of laughter when she got to the bathroom and discovered that she was already wearing an engagement ring. What, did he think he could just slip it in there and hope that she wouldn't notice? I thought that was sooo funny :)

5. Ava punching Sarah at The Manor. Woot woot! Go girl!

6. The dinner scene at the terrace and the moments leading to it. *melt* I am sooo happy for them :)

Gosh! There were so many more scenes that I loved. There were probably equally as many that angered me too. Sarah! Ugh! That woman is such a snake! I can't believe how oblivious Jesse is to her fake front. I hope Ava does something in book 3 that will really put her in her place. All those rude women at The Manor too! And we still have to find out what the deal is with Matt, Mikael, and Ruth is. I have a terrible feeling that Ruth is Jesse's ex-wife or someone really important in his past. I hope we get a bonus chapter or novella on Kate and Sam too. I love them together and since Kate's not exactly forthcoming to Ava with her experience at the Manor I'd love to hear her thoughts from her POV.

*sigh* Book 3 can't come soon enough. But at least this one didn't end on a killer cliffhanger, only a happy-ending-for-now. I'm so happy for my Jesse and Ava! Loved this book! 5*!!!