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The Dark Highlander - Karen Marie Moning Omigod! I don't know what to make of this book. For the record, I liked the story and I love Dageus, despite being out of character. But given the circumstances, that was perfectly understandable.

When I was first introduced to Dageus in Kiss of the Highlander, I thought of him as the more easy-going and fun one between the MacKeltar twins. Drustan had the weight of the lairdship hanging on his shoulders, and therefore had more responsibilities. When I found out at the end of that book what Dageus did for Drustan and what consequences he had to risk taking I think I fell even more in love with him.

Now I don't have anything against Chloe per se. But I found the development of their romantic relationship quite unrealistic. I'm not the biggest fan of insta-love. Instant attraction I can understand. But I don't get what made Dageus fall in love with Chloe. Is it really that simple? The MacKeltar twins just know who "the one" is right away? And I just don't get how quickly Chloe turned after just seeing how Dageus was with Drustan when all along she's thought of him as nothing more than a seducing captor. And in the end when she kept wondering how she could possibly live without him. I mean, how can you fall that deep and be that tragically dependent on someone when you had but a short time of being together. I just felt that the transition between their hostage-captor relationship to couple could have been smoother.

Other than the insta-love, I was also a little disappointed with their "first time." Dageus wasn't totally himself then. How creepy is it to be doing it with someone who has 13 others dwelling in him? It's like when Mac finally got together with Barrons in the Fever series and I felt somewhat cheated because Mac was priya at that time.

After I got used to ignoring how they came to be I enjoyed the story a lot more. There is truly a lot to love about Dageus. He is such a loyal, selfless and loving brother and son! I cried buckets when Silvan told him he has his favourite. I loved that he was principled and that he wasn't gonna sacrifice letting the Dhragar come into being even for Chloe to the very end.

Another thing I enjoyed about this instalment was the involvement of Adam and Queen Aiobheal. I adored the Fever series and I felt that a little history of the Fae world was revealed here.

Overall the story was an enjoyable read even if I was dissatisfied by some turn of events and even if I had a hard time buying the romance at first. I am happy for Dageus and how everything turned out for him. And in my book, if my hero and heroine are happy in the end then that's all that matters.