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Kiss of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning What an enjoyable read!

Drustan MacKeltar is a 16th-century Highland laird (similar to a lord, I think) who was cursed with a spell that made him sleep through 5 centuries. In present day, Gwen Cassidy is a 25-year old virgin who one day decides to take a break from her uneventful life and take a vacation in Scotland and find her "cherry picker" while at it. Little did she know that the tour she signed up for was amongst senior citizens. So much for finding her cherry picker! One day she decided to deviate from the group and take a hike in the Highland hills. She falls into a hidden cave while stopping for a break and there she discovers the sleeping Drustan, whom she thought was the most beautiful man she has ever seen. Somehow he awakes and proceeds to seduce her, thinking she was there for THAT reason since she was scantily clad (she was wearing a tank top and shorts and hiking boots), not knowing yet that it's been 5 centuries that he's been asleep. Once he discovers that he is now in the future, he resolves to find out what happened to his family and who enchanted him with a spell and why. He gets Gwen to help him, although not without resistance from Gwen at first. And this is where their journey begins.

The attraction was instant between Gwen and Drustan, and through the 3 days they spent together to head back to Drustan's "home," they slowly begin to fall in love. I am not the biggest fan of insta-love in books, especially when the hero and heroine clearly detest each other in the beginning seeing that Gwen could hardly believe his story. But in this case, I was completely sold! Somehow, they were obviously what the other needed.

And there was so much swoon happening while I was reading this. Drustan, no matter how "barbaric" he seemed, is sweet and sensitive. He cared deeply for Gwen and he was loyal to his family and the future of his land and lineage. I swooned when he recited the following lines, "If aught mught be lost, 'twill be my honor for yours. If one must be forsaken, 'twill be my soul for yours. Should death come anon, 'twill be my life for yours. I am Given" and nearly died when Gwen recited them back to him later on and discovered that they were the ancient Druid marriage vows.

Reading this felt like reading a fairytale. I was so happy for Gwen and Drustan and nearly jumped from my seat when a teenaged Christian MacKeltar made a cameo! I am looking forward to reading about Dageus next. :)