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Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley 4.99*!!!

Sorry, but I can't even bring myself to write a summary after reading this. This review is primarily a gushfest about Mike and Dusty and secondarily a comparison between this and At Peace.

I really, really wanted to give this 5* or more. Mike and Dusty are officially my second favourite KA couple (after Ty and Lexie) after reading this. HOWEVER, I couldn't give it that .01* to make it a 5 because I was disappointed by how Vi and Joe were portrayed in this book. They stuck their noses where they shouldn't be and they knew how Mike felt about Vi then. I don't understand why Joe had to get the scoop from Mike at the police station so he could put Vi's mind at ease. I mean, WTF? Joe is my favourite hero in the 'Burg and I super loved their story. I loved Mike then and I love him even more here. And don't even get me started on Dusty. I've seen other readers gush about how Dusty was their favourite KA heroine and now I can totally understand why. Dusty's an amazing woman. She's just so real and self-confident. She didn't play games and she gives it to you straight up. I adored her relationships with her nephews and Mike's kids. I loved her and Mike's relationship from the start, or rather, as soon as they reconciled after Mike screwed things up with her and they just continued to be solid as the story progressed. Didn't mean that they didn't fight, but they were both so laid back and drama-free that they resolve their disputes quickly.

I don't know now if At Peace is my favourite out of the Burg series. After reading that book I knew I'd want to re-read it but now, after reading about Mike and Dusty, I might have a hard time doing that because I'll always remember how Joe and Vi were in this book. I am now having second thoughts about why I fell in love with Joe in the first place and I remember what Mike said to Vi then: They love the broken man, the heart that bleeds, think they can fix it." I think that's it. I am drawn toward the beautiful and the broken and I loved how Vi "fixed" the hard-nut-to-crack Joe. That being said, I can equally love the relationship between two perfectly functional, drama-free people.

On a side note, I would also like to declare that as a previosly ignorant, 28-year-old woman with an initially skewed perception of a perfect romance novel, I never thought of reading The Burg series because I didn't think I'd enjoy reading about romance between older characters (having only read romance books with characters in their teens, 20's and early 30's) who were previously married and have teenage kids. I am so glad I decided to give this series a shot and have since stood corrected. I think this series actually tugs my heart the most out of the KA's works because the couples' HEA are all the more sweeter and that much deeper. I can't count how many romances in the New Adult category I've rolled my eyes to because of the annoying characters who constantly made stupid decisions because they didn't know what they want. KA's characters are wiser and more experienced. They may or may not have a shitty past that cause them to be wary and cautious and they may initially make stupid decisions or acts like jerks or bitches but they come around fast and they're far from being angsty, juvenile people who are almost always portrayed as tortured souls. But anyway, some people like that and whatever floats their boat right?