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Golden Trail (The 'Burg, #3) - Kristen Ashley While Joe Callahan and Ty Walker remain my favourite KA heroes (or at least, the most I swoon over and pine for), I'm thinking Tanner Layne, realistically speaking, is who I would love to go home to. He's a great dad, takes care of everyone, treats all his women (present and past) wonderfully, his bitchy ex-wife included, he's patient, he doesn't have a rep that would freak out his woman and he's a certified alpha without being a jerk. And I don't count the first time he exchanged words with Rocky because that was only natural, being left like he was.

I enjoyed The Golden Trail because it was different from KA's usual plot. I liked reading through the whole story from the hero's POV, it was a refreshing change not to have the heroine kidnapped and I liked that Layne didn't have that perfect relationship with his kids at first, thus making his story and his character just seem more real. Rocky is far from my favourite heroine though, and even though it was revealed in the end (too far into the story, IMO) why she left Layne, I still couldn't feel empathy towards her. Maybe because i didn't get the read the story through her POV? I'm not sure... And I felt that Layne cared for her more than she cared for him. Does that make sense? Anyhow, I don't hate her. I just didn't get her.