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Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Ashley "I hated being called "Ms. Townsend" mainly because my father's real name was "Tuttle". It wasn't a great name but it was real and didn't sound like some stupid, made up name of a romance hero."

Hmm... I wonder if this was an allusion to [bc:Something Wonderful|129616|Something Wonderful (Sequels, #2)|Judith McNaught|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348716236s/129616.jpg|124838]'s Jordan Townsend. I know [a:Kristen Ashley|2958084|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1279995377p2/2958084.jpg] is a fan of [a:Judith McNaught|9885|Judith McNaught|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1246151270p2/9885.jpg].

Hector Chavez and Sadie Townsend have history. Hector worked as an undercover agent for the DEA while working on the case that involved him being one of Sadie's father's men. Sadie knew he was snooping, and helped him take her father out, believing it was the right thing do. Sadie's father gets incarcerated and Sadie moves on with her life as an Ice Princess.

One day, Sadie goes to Nightingale Investigations to ask for protection services because her father's old enemies were after her. Lee refuses to help her, even when she begged him in front of Hector. She walks out of his office defeated, and in a horrible turn of events, gets assaulted and raped that night. This situation causes Sadie and Hector's lives to be intertwined again, and Hector swears to protect Sadie and bring her enemies down to pay for what they did.

Make no mistake, Hector is just as alpha and bossy as the rest of The Hot Bunch. But due to the sensitive circumstances, he acted the least "ass-holey" to his woman out of all of them. He had a short-fuse and had to be subdued several times by the other guys when things went down, but he was always gentle and patient with Sadie, even when she was full on icy and bitchy to him. I loved how he saw through all her facades and called her out each time.

My heart literally breaks for Sadie. She might not have a crazy ex like Roxie nor bitchy sisters like Ava and sucky parents like Stella but she lived an equally, if not more, tough life. Because of her father's reputation and people's perceptions of her, she had to put up her "ice princess" armor and toughen it out every day. She thought she'd finally be "free" when her dad is finally behind bars but it seems that he left trouble to follow her even then.

This is probably my favorite RC story after Jules and Vance's, although Lee Nightingale still reigns as my favorite of The Hot Bunch. Sadie, I thought, resisted "what was happening" the least. There's no instance of her standing him up, maybe because Hector never forced his way with her, at least, not at first. I loved how their romance flowed naturally, slowly and unforcefully, and how Sadie was unconditionally accepted by Hector's family and the rest of the gang. I loved how Sadie got her happy ending after all that she's been through. Overall, I found RC#7 to be a great story of redemption, a chance at happiness and loving unconditionally. I will definitely be re-reading this book!