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Succubus Blues - Richelle Mead Lazy recap of thoughts because I accidentally deleted my review without saving it.


I loved RM's VA and Bloodlines series so I thought it was high time I gave her adult series a go. Like the pilot books for the two, I found Succubus Blues easy to understand. The plot was easy to follow and the heroine was easy to like. I thought there was an interesting mix in the cast of characters. Even though I know who Georgina's OTP is I kinda liked that there was another love interest. After all, I still have 5 more books to go through before I reach her HEA.

Instant likes:

1. Seth. I mean, how could you not? I must admit, I was conditioned to like the guy prior to meeting him. I'm just glad that he lived up to my expectations! He's just as cute and adorkable as everyone says. Come on. Who wouldn't fall for someone who writes you letters (e-mails) and holds your hair back while you make friends with the toilet seat?

2. Roman. Shuddup. I like the guy especially when he was his mortal self. He'a cute and charming and I don't care if he seems too perfect. I loved the crappy job on the bookcase and his persistence. Plus, I don't entirely blame him for wanting to wreak havoc given his shitty past. And I believed that his feelings for Georgie were sincere. The only turn-off I found at this point was his sister.

3. Pop culture references and the normalcy in day-to-day motions. Eating pho, salsa dancing, birthday parties, BtVS (I thought there were even parallelisms between Georgie/Seth and Buffy/Angel), the shirts, the music, John Cusack. (Why wasn't Conair nor Say Anything included in the collection? Hmph.)

4. The camaraderie between Jerome and Carter. It's just a really fun idea. I bet they're more than drinking buddies though. Carter has feelings for him, no? The concern and the feelings of protectiveness seem more than friendly vibes to me!

Need some warming up to:

1. Georgina. I related to her hero-worship of Seth (as an author) and enjoyed reading the funny banter between her and the others. I also loved reading about her defiant and stubborn ways. However, I can't connect to her quite yet. Certain things confuse me. As Carter pointed out, if she didn't want the attention, why make herself look that attractive? I mean, if she needed the hot looks to aid her in the seduction process she can just shapeshift into one prior to going on the floor, no? And it may seem that she did the noble thing by giving up her mortality in exchange for Kyriakos' happiness (by erasing herself from his and the town's memory) but there's just something a bit self-righteous about that decision that bugs me. Then again, she was vulnerable when Lilith approached her with the proposition so I doubt she had time to really think about anything other than undoing the mess she created. So, whatevs.

2. The mechanics of Georgie's job. I don't know if I missed the explanation but I don't understand how her role as a succubus completely works. I know she has sex with mortals to win their souls over to the dark side but that's as much as I know. Does she age? She's the only one of her kind in Seattle, right? Does she get reassigned or does she simply change her looks so she can stay in the city and not raise suspicion?

3. The lack of female characters. Is this a trend in UF series? Surround the heroine with male characters so she's the most interesting female around? I'm not complaining about Georgie's friends at all! I'm just wondering if it's possible to have a larger female presence without outshining the main character.

The crackpot theories have started. I'm VERY curious to see how Georgina and Seth's relationship plays out. Is Seth a reincarnation of Kyriakos? There were hints in the "familiar" touches. I'm also interested to see how Georgie deals with her internal struggles. Overall, I thought this was a fun and light read. Shit hasn't hit the fan yet and no threatening villains so far. Looking forward to reading the next!