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The Angel (The Original Sinners) - Tiffany Reisz "By the time I’ve finished with you,
you won’t know whether you’ve been kissed or cut,
whether you were loved or butchered.
and either way you probably won’t care,
just grateful you came close enough to touch."

-Warsan Shire


- June 5 edit -
I'm getting the shivers imagining Benedict Cumberbatch read the quote above. Yep. I'm sticking to that mental image. Hoyt Richards' face with Ben Cumberbatch's voice. Perfect Søren.

- June 11 edit -
This is the non-review that I'm finally putting up. I went through the highlights in my book to compile a list of what I loved about it but instead of writing a review I ended up practically rereading the whole thing. Like its predecessor, this book made my heart race, both in a giddy-with-anticipation-way and in an anxious-with-dread-way. The writing, again, enchanted me. Michael's teenage awkwardness and extreme embarrassment over everything reminded me of my younger self and the moments I wanted to facepalm myself after feeling idiotic and uncool in front of my crush. Griffin, who once elicited an eyebrow raise from me, is now one of the most endearing characters for me. Oh who am I fooling? They're ALL special to me. And how could you not love what Nora and Søren have? In the midst of the kink and their ever feverish need for each other I sometimes tend to overlook their humanity. And then I'd be completely taken over by short, unassuming gestures and statements that remind me of how much they're just like any other couple in love.
"This..." Nora inhaled again and her eyes narrowed. "This is what Søren's skin smells like. Just like this. Even in summer this is what I breathe in when I'm near him. At night before I'd fall asleep, I would lay my face on his back between his shoulder blades and breathe in and in until I'd almost pass out. And he would laugh at me."

*sigh* It's been four days since I finished this series yet I still can't seem to move on from it. Towards the end of The Angel, Nora tells Michael, "love is the open wound that you hope never heals." Well if this addiction/reverence/love for this series is anything like that then I hope to stay wounded for a just little longer.