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Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward [b:Lover Eternal|35729|Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #2)|J.R. Ward|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1300845974s/35729.jpg|1593685] brings us the story of Rhage, the most dangerous of the brothers. He has celebrity-esque good looks and is 6'8" tall with shoulders almost as wide as the doorframe (not my words!) He's unforgiving as a fighter, and unsatiable as a lover. And when something triggers him, he turns into a beast - uncontrollable and deadly. Like Wrath, he initially came off as a cold, ruthless Alpha but things change a great deal once he met his match, Mary Luce. Mary is a human and one completely far from the usual females he sleeps with. She considers herself plain and unnoticeable so when Rhage took an interest in her, it was hard for her to believe his sincerity. The two go through a lot of struggles before they finally accepted and believed the feelings of the other.

I thought Rhage and Mary were interesting characters. However, I would've liked for Mary's story about her illness to have developed further and see what Rhage felt for a longer period of time. Rhage on the other hand, intrigued me with his other form. I thought I was gonna get another Jericho Barrons (as if there could be another JZB) but it turns out that he felt that it was more of a liability than an asset, and rightly so, because up until Mary came to the picture there was no way of controlling the beast. And while I loved the sexy scenes I felt that the love was too instant. I wanted there to be more sexual tension leading up to their eventual union. I don't know... It works for some authors, like Kristen Ashley, but here I wasn't convinced, especially on Mary's end. I still liked them though, but there were times when I was frustrated with their insecurities and Rhage's clinginess.

What I did love about this book were the sub-stories, except for when it was the lessers' POV. I feel like skipping their parts every time it came to them. I was disappointed not to have much Wrath in the book, compared to the other brothers, and NO Marissa at all! But my absolute favourite in this book was John Matthew! I am so touched with his story. There's so much good in him and it'll be interesting to see what he would be like once he goes through the transition. Of course, I can't not mention Zsadist and Bella. What an interesting pair they make! My heart bleeds for Z! He is such a tortured soul! I can't wait to see where their story goes and how Bella will "save" him from his inner demons.

Overall I found this installment to be an enjoyable read, albeit not as much as the first one. I guess when I jumped into this series I was expecting a more intense read and that it would be mysterious and unputdownable. It actually feels "light" for me despite its heavy subjects. There were heartbreaking moments, but there were also a lot of funny scenes. I can't get over the humanity of the brothers - the loud rap songs, their flashy cars and leathers and most of all, their capacity to love. It's such a fun read and I'm looking forward to reading more.